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Honeycomb Belts


George Lane supply the highest quality honeycomb conveyor belts possible – an ideal choice for applications that require durability and an open belt design.

The honeycomb belts, also known as flat wire belting, has positive drive and an extremely strong, flat carrying surface with large apertures. This high strength-weight ratio makes this belt ideal for the automotive industry.

Available in galvanised mild steel or stainless steel, a variety of belt patterns are also available. There is no need for side chains as the sprockets drive on cross rods, with the sprockets available in both cast iron and steel. .

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Technical Specifications for Honeycomb Belting

Types of Industry Typical Applications
Food Processing Baking, Cooling, Freezing
Canning Curing, Washing, Accumulating
Paper Drying
Foundries Transferring


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