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Balanced Spiral Belts


Wire Conveyor Belting

Our balanced spiral mesh belting is constructed from alternating left and right hand spiral coils and is one of the most common wire conveyor belts due to its flexibility and wide range of possible applications.

Benefits of our spiral wire conveyor belts include straight running characteristics, long life expectancy and precision construction.

As with all of our conveyor belts, we offer numerous options to meet your exact specifications, with round or flat wire belts available, wire gauges from 8g to 21g and varying patterns available.


Types of Industry Typical Applications
Food Processing Frying, Cooling, Baking Ovens
Heat Treatment Annealing, Tempering, Quenching
Glass Containers Annealing, Decorating (Lehrs), Transfers
Building Materials Fibreglass Insulation Ovens
Printing Accumulating and Washing


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