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Cordweave Belts


Cordweave belts are wire conveyor belts with flat carrying surfaces with little open area, making it a perfect conveyor belt for use within the food / baking industry. Also used in the heat treatment of small product i.e fasteners

As well as a smooth carrying surface, the high density of the weave provides a uniform heat transfer across the belt through to the product, ideal in baking production lines.

Offering straight running characteristics and long life expectancy, as with all of our conveyor belts it is made to the highest possible quality standards.

We offer 2-ply cordweave belts (CW3) through to 4-ply (CW5).Contact us now for more detail specifications of our cordweave belts.

Types of Industry Typical Application
Food Processing Biscuit Baking
Heat Treatment of Small Components Hardening, Tempering, Quenching


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