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Chain Edged Belts


Wire conveyor belts with chain edges for positive drive and synchronisation – perfect for use in the food and heat treatment industries.

Our chain-edged conveyor belts have 100% straight running characteristics, are hard wearing and long lasting, maximising productivity in all applications.

Hollow bearing pin chain can also be used for easy assembly of crossrod members, as well as a tighter weave mesh that can be attached via chain attachments and bolted cross members.

Chain pitches are available in various sizes, ranging from ½’ to 6’, and a natural finish or stainless steel finish are also available.

Types of Industry Typical Application
Food Processing Frying, Cooling, Washing, Transferring
Packaging Shrinkwrap Machinery
Forging Transferring, Cooling
Industrial Washers, Quenching Tank, Extractors, Dryers, Cooling Lines


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