Lehr Belts, Glass Manufacturing Belts

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Lehr belts, glass manufacturing belts manufactured by George Lane

  • Used on lehrs worldwide for annealing and decorating of glass containers.
  • Manufactured to ensure smooth running characteristics for product stability and with flat spirals for minimum stretch.
  • All lehr belts can be produced with either flat or round wire profiles and often over 5 metres wide.
  • Materials used - 3% chrome molybdenum, 430 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel.  Other materials are available on request.
  • Quality checks are carried out at each stage of the production process, ensuring high standards of manufacturing.
  • Master templates for all meshes are recorded to ensure future replica belt production.

Technical Specifications for Lehr Belts (click to download pdf)

Fitting Instructions for Lehr Belts (click to download pdf)

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